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Linda and I aim to have a real mix of subjects for our DMTV video workshops. This week it was my turn in the hot seat and I thought it was about time we had small stitchy project that could be completed just in time for the Christmas. Well the theory was that these 'Motto Cushions' would make great gifts, but having stitched two and being part way through a third, I'm not sure I want to part with them!

In the video workshop I'll guide you through the steps to make one of your own. You'll find this video along with over 30 others available to watch anytime. A 3-month taster subscription is just £25 and we add a new video each week so there's always something new to watch. There's more info on the website, here's a link:

Meanwhile, outside the roofers are here and the old wooden shingles are very quickly being stripped off the roof. Please keep your fingers crossed for a dry-ish day (I think that's all we can hope for in November!). The shingles were fixed on with what look like copper nails. I've given them a bucket and told them I want to keep the nails. They think I'm bonkers.

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  1. Love this project! It's the one that got me to sign up for Design Matters Tv. Loved the video and your excellent teaching and insight. I've ordered more felt!

  2. Oh this makes me want to play with my felt and beads, thanks, this is a fun project.


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