Things you find in walls

Our house isn't old by any stretch of the imagination, but it still has an interesting history that we're able to piece together bit by bit as we dismantle it and put it back together again. I know it's traditional for builders to brick things up in walls for good luck. I think shoes are often amongst the objects found when renovating old houses. We've not found anything quite so romantic, but this pay-packet did see the light of day again a couple of weeks ago.

Spookily we'd found it almost 51 years to the day since it had been wedged in a gap in the wall.

Hoping for treasure, all we found it contained were two empty cigarette packets.

The walls of our house are giving up some natural treasures too. Look at this beautiful nest.

I confess I did have to Google it to find out what had made it, but now I'm much more knowledgable about leaf-cutter bees. The bee carefully cuts semi-circular shapes from it's chosen leaves, roses in our case, and forms them into these beautiful thimble-like cups. They are stacked into a this sort of cigar structure. Each one has a larvae inside which will emerge as a bee ready to overwinter. Now that I've photographed it I'm going to relocate it to a safe, quiet corner.

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  1. How interesting!!! I love antiques & all things "old".... These are priceless...well, except for that last item!

  2. I love stuff like that - wonder about the moment and reason for the man stuffing the packet in the wall. Great stuff! And the bee nest is incredible, never heard of it before, isn't nature wonderful.

  3. hi Laura, WOW! what interesting finds. X:)

  4. What fun! I have leaf cutter bees in my yard, as the rose leaves bear evidence to, but I have never seen a nest. It is a beauty! Years ago I salvaged a rocking chair from my uncle's barn. It had been my Great Grandfather's and my Dad remembered his grandfather reading the Sunday comics to him in the chair that was in front of the fireplace in the kitchen of the old dairy farm. While I tore the rotten leather and stuffing off, I collected the dimes, tokens, etc. and made a shadow box of treasures for my Dad. I gave him the reupholstered chair and the box on his 75th birthday. I think he loved the shadow box more than the rocker! :)

  5. Great tales, Laura, thank you. I've never heard of leaf cutter bees in Australia. So was/am fascinated and I love imagining Mr Thompson (let's call him Harry) rushing back to his building tasks after checking his wages were correct. I also imagine the empty packets (pay & ciggies) were of no interest once the contents had been extracted. Love your blog & your work.


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