Through Our Hands Magazine Issue 3 | November 2014

It's ready! The latest issue of Through Our Hands Magazine was published today.

We've tried to gather together a really varied selection of artists and articles and we hope you'll enjoy the mix.
 In this issue we feature Maggie Grey, Sue Benner, Cecily Sash, Karen Goetzinger,Susan Lenz, Dijanne Cevaal, Jane La Fazio, amongst many others.  We have a terrific seasonal recipe and articles written by your favourite authors, as well as Desert Island Designs and Soapbox, which in this edition asks the question, "Why Draw?"

All in all, over 76 pages of inspiration all for free!

We'd love for you to help spread the work about the magazine. Please share the link to this page and tell all your friends, colleagues, students and fellow enthusiasts!

You can read the entire magazine for free online (just click on the image above), but if you rather have a PDF version you can print, keep on your computer, put on your iPad or Kindle to read offline anytime, you can order a download via the Through Our Hands website. Here's the link.

Thanks so much for your support.