Adventures with Acrylics

Back in the studio today with a workshop experimenting with acrylic painting. It's a huge subject so we focussed in on using jar and fluid acrylics with three different mediums. That in combination with some collage, stencilling and glazing gave us plenty to play with.

All of the students worked on a technique sample book. This is mine above. It's an ongoing book which can be added to and updated. With so many techniques and media combinations I thought it would be a handy aide memoire! Here are some student pages drying on the pinboards.

Next we worked on compositions using collage as a base which will then be painted over, and into, adding further colour, pattern and texture. These are all work in progress...

I demo'ed painting with palette knives, layering glazes and using 3D paint. A poppy of course.

Back to the student work...

It never takes long for my demo space to get messy.

The students did some great work, but my apprentice has been on top form this week and I'm sure you'll agree I've saved the best till last. She's moved on from drawing us, now she's drawing our cats. 

Thanks for dropping by today. 
Back soon,


  1. I definitely want to do this class next time you run it. Do you have a date yet?

    And that is a bloody good cat for a small person!! Her observational skills are amazing for pre school.

    She's a bright spark that one. I remember with my son in particular he was desperate for school because life outside was too boring and he needed full on stimulation!!

  2. Love all of these images but yes I agree, you saved the best until last. She will be running her own workshops before you know it.

  3. Well the last one is my favourite. I love that kat very much. But there is a lot of great ideas and inspiration in the others. How I wish I lived nearby I would sign in for all the classe. Maybe next year when my own studio and other house renovation are ready I will spoiled myself and treat me with some of your classes. Have an nice sunday.


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