The Liberated Quilt

Today was the opening party for The Liberated Quilt exhibition. A big thank you if you were able to come and see us this afternoon. After months of hard work and planning to bring all this work together Annabel and I were relieved, delighted and proud in equal measures.

The exhibition is in the beautiful Bilston Craft Gallery. The space with its high ceilings and natural daylight is just so perfect for textiles. The Gallery room has three bays which accommodated work from 24 Through our Hands artists, from wall quilts to diaphanous hangings, floor pieces, video, a studio set up, demonstrations and a children's activity area, we hope there was something for everyone to enjoy.

I was pleased to see my quilt up on the wall for the first time. 

We were so excited to bring Clare Smith's Bitter Harvest to the UK. I doubt there's ever been any performance dyeing in Bilston before, and maybe never again! Just before the visitors arrived we scaled some step ladders to pour the dye into the cups. Here's Annabel precariously pouring black dye at a height.

Quickly the dye began to wick from the cups and down the pojagi hangings.

I took this photo just as I left and already the dye was doing some beautiful things on the fabric. I just love how the colours split and merge.

We were joined by several of the Through Our Hands artists including Michala Gyetvai who brought some of her wonderful pastel drawings to visitors to enjoy.

And many of you will know Alicia Merrett who entertained visitors with a demonstration of her trademark techniques.

Our talisman project This is Everything We Are was also displayed for the first time.

I'm not going to spoil it and show you every piece in the exhibition, I want you to go and visit and see them for yourselves! The exhibition runs until 25 July. Please check the gallery website for opening times. Admission is free and there is also a free catalogue. 

Hope you enjoy the show.


  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful exhibition! Love the performance dyeing act!

  2. Looks wonderful, so enticing, wish I could see it. And neat to see Clare's work included, go New Zealand!

  3. Thanks for a glimpse of a wonderful exhibition, I'd love to visit!

  4. No chance of a visit unfortunately - it looks sooo exciting - perhaps an online catalogue after it has come down?


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