What Dreams May Come? #2

It's been satisfying to complete this quilt. It's finished just as the oriental poppies in the garden are showing lots of lush new foliage and hinting at those generous flower buds yet to appear. It's the sister piece to my previous poppy quilt, and I've tried to do something different with this one. I am really pleased with how the drawing has worked, must do more of that. 

'What Dreams May Come #2', 2015
45cm x 123cm
Digital print, discharge, drawing, handwritten text, machine quilting.

If you'd like to give this quilt a new home please email to reserve. 

Also available, 'What Dreams May Come #1'. Click Here to take a look.

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  1. This is such fun to see finished. I just re-watched the DMTV video this afternoon wherein you were working on this piece and I was wondering what it looked like finished!! Now I know...beautiful....as usual!

  2. Oh this is beautiful, I love everything about this piece and now I want to go back and watch the DMTV video to remind myself how this started. I love the shadows of the poppy buds in the green background, it gives it such depth.

  3. Oh this is so Beautiful. Love it. I hoop I will see this quilt in Birmingham. Great job laura.


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