More Monoprint at the Wooden House

Today was the second monoprint class this week. The emphasis this time round was on nature so we printed with landscape in mind and also used leaves and feathers. Here's a look at some of the work the students produced in a few busy hours.

The garden is full of lovely new leaves on the acers and geraniums which printed beautifully, especially in combination with reductive prints like this one.

We also used paper templates to create sequential prints like these.

The detail from the leaves is irresistible.

Students also explored adding detail with linear monoprint techniques.

Some on paper and some on fabric, like this one.

The corner cut from a tray cloth has been used by students in several classes and it's certainly earned its keep! This print is one of the nicest, don't you just love all the detail of the lace border?

If this has tempted you to give monoprinting a try, there's a free DMTV video on YouTube.

Phew! It's been quite a busy weekend. I'm off to put my feet up on the sofa for half an hour with Amelie and our daily dose of Peppa Pig.

Back soon,


  1. These are stunning. Mono printing ticks my boxes but I'm completely self taught and have never really explored it to its full potential. So I'm coming on the next course ( just so you know!!) H xx

  2. love the examples using leaves, so much texture and detail. Your students must be thrilled with their results.


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