Finish Me! Art Journal Inspiration

I realise it's been a while since I shared any Finish Me art journal pages. Here are a few today from Linda's book. She's using a range of media and techniques...

Above: Map, rubbing, ink wash, drawing.

Above: Tracing paper, cutting, stitch.

Above: Printed and photocopy pages, rubbings, wash.

Above: Plain paper, ink wash, drawing.

Above: Right page, monoprint, left page, ink wash, bleach.

Above: Antique text page, rubbing, wax resist and wash.

Above: Map, collage.

Above: Photocopy, coloured pencil, ink, bleach.

Above: right page, antique newspaper, rubbing, pencil crayon and wash. Left page, pencil crayon, wax resist and wash.

I hope that seeing what Linda's been working on will inspire you to do a few more pages in your book. I'm afraid that I don't have any journals for sale at the moment, but I have been accumulating a drawer full of interesting papers ready to make another batch as soon as I have enough.

Bye for now,


  1. I love all of the pages and the ideas, think I need to get mine out as I've not done anything in it for ages either. Linda has been very busy in her's.

  2. These pages are indeed terrific inspiration! Hope to jump in and create another page or two of my own! Would definitely like one of your Finish Me creations. Can't wait!

  3. Hi Deborah, Pencil crayons are also sometimes called coloured pencils. I think the ones Linda's using are probably Derwent. You can get regular ones or water-soluble. Hope this helps, Laura.


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