My latest market haul

Really enjoyed a flying visit to the Rag Market with my sis yesterday. We've both got the dressmaking bug and were in need of more fabric and haberdashery. My favourite stall wasn't there, but I still managed to buy enough to make my bags so heavy they threatened to stop the blood supply to my fingers.

It's funny at the market, I think because there's so much stuff and it's all a bit of a mish-mash, that at first it looks like there's nothing any good, but we quickly got into searching through the bolts on all the tables and came up with some treasures. This is what I was left with after giving away several pieces to Linda.

I'm really pleased with the digital prints on chiffon and satin (£2/m)

And this Japanese print (£2/m) is so soft and drapey, it's going to be beautiful to wear.

All bargains of course! The best were only 50p a metre.

I also bought some trims to make dresses for Amelie look a bit more special. Scissors and overlocker at the this space as always.



  1. I spy more skull fabric in your stash!! Can't wait to see what you make with all this.


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