Here in the studio

There's been a lot of working in front of the computer lately but whenever there's been a spare moment I've been either dressmaking or working in my art diary. After a couple of mad sessions as soon as I bought my overlocker, it had been left to one side because of the pressure of other jobs. It was satisfying this week to set it back up and start to get to know how it works a bit better. Instruction book in one hand and tweezers in the other I've threaded, re-threaded, sewn, altered tensions and feed. Overlockers can be tricky, but I'm pleased to report we're still the best of friends. I made Amelie several pairs of leggings experimenting with different ways to put in the waist elastic, but what I really wanted to do was make something for myself. My sis bought the pattern for the Jasper Dress for me and I managed to find some sweatshirt fabric on eBay.

The pattern has welt pockets set on a princess seam. I've never sewn a welt pocket before but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I think it's one of those things that look tricky, but when you have a go, following the instructions very carefully, it is surprisingly straight forward. I lined it with some bright pink stripy jersey.

So far the dress just has front, side panels and pockets. I'm not rushing the rest, I don't want to risk ruining it after taking my time with those welts!

Meanwhile, if I have any energy left I've been working in my art diary. Linda set this challenge via DMTV a few weeks ago. I didn't join in at first, but when I saw her book I felt left out so I've been catching up. 

I'm using lots of photos in my diary. I take loads of pictures on my iPhone, but they rarely get printed so it's been lovely to choose a few and print them out for the book.

I'm mixing in a bit of drawing, some text and collaged bits and pieces that I've collected.

If you're interested in joining in too then you can sign up for DMTV here. The Art Diary videos are all still available to watch (with more to come), and there are also loads of other video workshops to watch on a range of subjects.

Bye for now,