More last minute sewing

Making clothes at the last minute is becoming a bit of a habit around here. Today we had an invite to a lunch party and I decided that Amelie needed new trousers. It was a great reason to dig into my haul from the Rag Market.

These trousers are from Burda Kids 9441 and are pretty easy to make. In Amelie's size they take about half a metre of cotton, plus some ribbing for the waistband. The pattern cuts them at a very cropped length for summer, but I've lengthened them for autumn. The tie is also supposed to just be a decorative thing, but I've made it longer so it actually goes round the waist.

Turning the waist tie through is probably the most time-consuming step!

They have neat pockets set into the waist and side seams.

They're a big hit!

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  1. I just picked this pattern up in a second Hale sale for 99p and am glad to have found your post! I didn't realise the tie was only decorative, so I'll be doing the same as you. Hope mine turn out as well, these look lovely!


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