New on DMTV - Mosaic Quilt Planning

Linda often works in my studio, helping finish and cut Fingerprint fabrics, and generally trying to tidy up (she doesn't believe in my system of piles). I reward her with her pick of fabrics and last week she left with this haul - quite a few metres of hand dyes and some digital prints on cotton. 

She needs them for her latest quilt which is a hand pieced mosaic on a ginormous scale! It has to be super king size when it's finished and as you can imagine, it's eating fabric.

DMTV viewers can log in this week to see a new video workshop with Linda which features this quilt. She explains how important it is to plan and pay careful attention to colour and value, even for something that starts out as a scrap quilt.

It's looking good but there's still a way to go.

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  1. What beautiful fabrics. Love the mosaic.

  2. I remember when Linda first showed this on DMTV...I love it and will take time to watch the latest updat!

  3. Stunning and wonderfully atmospheric colours


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