New on DMTV - Altered Book - Colour

Wow, has it been a week since I blogged. I done lots of things I ought to have posted, I better get to it! For now, I just want to tell you about the new video workshop on DMTV this week. Linda's starting a new Altered Book and we hope that you'll want to join in.

I have a big pile of books just waiting to be given a new lease of life so I really ought to be first in the queue!

The book is going to be themed by colour, Linda's chosen red, but you can choose any colour you love. During the workshop series Linda will share inspirational ideas and page prompts so you'll not be stuck for ideas to fill your pages.

If you're a DMTV subscriber you can log in and watch the video now. Perhaps if you're not a subscriber you might like to sign up. You can find the information on our website.

Thanks for visiting the blog today. I promise it won't be another week till I'm back!