New video workshop - Creative Copies

There's a new video workshop on DMTV today. Join me as I continue with the Finding Inspiration course. This week I'll show you how you can make creative use of the photocopier. 

The video workshop is open now for DMTV subscribers. If you've not yet subscribed, why not join in today? You can sign up here:

Linda, Amelie and I made a flying visit to Birmingham last week. Now if you're a DMTV regular you'll know Linda's working on an altered book with a red theme so our eyes were peeled for red.

We spotted these red berries on this mural by Lucy McLauchlan. I've always loved these birds but I'm not sure what is to become of them now the building is being demolished.

Shame they were painted on such a big ugly lump! And yes, it did make me smile that it is 'this way to Paradise'.

Inside the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery we spotted red used in accent colours in painting. Loved the red fan, this is just a tiny detail of a much larger street scene painting.

The Piazza of Saint Mark's, Venice, by William Logsdail

and of course in this painting, The Travelling Companions by Augustus Leopold Egg

We walked back to our car with achy feet via the new Grand Central building. Pretty impressive it is too. Much prettier than the old dingey New Street station building and even shinier than Selfridges!

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