Sewing Sunday - Rag Market Stash

After a week of going very square-eyed in front of the computer I treated myself to a flying visit to the Rag Market. I don't usually go on Fridays, so didn't know what to expect but there was a great selection of stalls outside and I easily added to my stash.

From the top:
A plain black knit which should be perfect for a sweater dress £2.50 per metre
Red printed jersey on a grey background £2 or £3 per metre
A fine Fair Isle style knit, again, I reckon that'll be good for a sweater dress £2.50 per metre
Black and grey heavy jersey, a good stable one with not much stretch £1 per metre
The gorgeous multicoloured fig print on a grey background. Cotton twill, pushed the boat out, £5 per metre
Print jersey, fine with loads of drape, £1 or £2 per metre
Really nice plain weave, slubby denim type fabric £2.50 per metre
Floral print cotton, as fine and smooth as any Liberty lawn, £3 per metre.

I've washed them all (and will iron them at some point!) and I'm keen to get cutting. I've just got to decide which patterns I'm using. 

Hope you're all having a creative Sunday.
Bye for now,
Love Laura


  1. Where is the rag market? I've just ordered a few dress patterns on line ( a sale - too good to resist) but am stuck for a decent source of fabric. I get up to Brum occasionally so could do a little detour. These bargains look just fabulous,

    1. Hi Hilary, Hi Hilary, It's down by the Bullring.
      You'll see there's an outdoor market and the indoor Rag Market. We tend to go Tuesdays or Thursdays, but found that Friday was really good too. You do have to go with an open mind and be prepared to root about for the good stuff. At first glance you might think there's nothing nice, but there will be, it's like a treasure hunt! Just over the road is also the Fancy Silk Store if you need something specific, but that's shop prices. A bit further away, but still walkable is Barry's fabrics too. Take a friend so they can help you carry the bags.

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