Sketchbook Sunday

I've been working in my sketchbook and one of my favourite ways to start a page is to make a background or border using rubbings. For these pages I'm using some wooden letter shapes. You could use wooden shapes, or maybe you have card versions.

Jut pop the letter under the page, hold it so it doesn't move and use the side of a graphite stick to take the rubbing. Don't worry what the letter is, any will do, it's just about the pattern and shape.

Try different sorts of graphite stick if you can, some are much softer and will give darker results which much more 'noise' in the background. (I think this can be a good thing!).

If it all looks to solid and heavy, interrupt the rubbings with marks made using an eraser. I'm using a putty rubber which easily moves the graphite around and removes some of it making for an even more interesting result.

Don't forget to finish up with a spray of fixative or hairspray to stop the rubbings from smudging.

The next stage? Some drawing...coming soon.

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The wooden letters I used were provided by Baker Ross, thanks guys! Check out their site for loads more craft supplies.


  1. I love letters used for things other than just writing - I look forward to seeing what you do next x


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