Just Drawing

Phew, it's been one of those weeks. Launching the new website was always going to be a lot of work, but it's done and we have survived! Seriously though, thank you to everyone who's written with such kind feedback about how it all looks. We were going for something fresh and colourful and it sounds as though you like it. I'm very relieved. As with everything, there is never any set way to go about making a website, lots of decisions have to be made and as is my nature, I have sleepless nights over even the tiniest thing. I'm sure there are things we'll tweak and change over time, but at least the groundwork is in.

I have been feeling very square-eyed with all this computer-based work lately. One night I just needed to set the tech aside, and go back to basics with paper, pencil and just draw.

Nothing much, just a short time spent doing an observational drawing from one of my mummy wrapping photos from the museum (DMTV viewers will know about those). Have to say, I started out feeling pretty stressed and fed up, but drawing is the best tonic!

Hope you're all finding it possible to steal a few minutes of creative time in amongst the day job. It's essential!

Love Laura


  1. Love the new website for DMTV!!!! And yes, still squeezing in time to create!!!


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