New on DMTV

New on DMTV this week is the latest episode of Linda's workshop series on Altered Books. If you've been following you'll know she's themed the book on the colour red. You can watch her this week as she shares her tips for finding ideas for pages and some quick techniques for getting images started.

Behind the scenes here at DMTV HQ we've been working relentlessly on the brand new DMTV site. It is so close to going live, we just have to test a few final areas of the site and make sure it's all OK. I'm so frustrated by how long this all takes, it will be a huge relief once we can open the doors and let you all in to explore! As with all websites, it'll continue to be an ongoing project that we'll keep adding to and improving, but hopefully you'll like how we've set things up so far.

All I can say is watch this space and I'll post as soon as it's ready.

Thanks for visiting the blog. As soon as the site is done I'll be back to work. I can't wait!

Love Laura


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