You can't win 'em all

Well it had all been going so well. My rag market finds turned into wearable clothes that Amelie really liked. Until now. I made a lovely dress,

gorgeous indigo fabric,

funky skull lining. And...

...she hates it!

It's no good for climbing, digging in the garden, and riding a bike. Apparently. Trousers have been requested. With luck the fickle mind of a three-year-old will have changed by next week and she may get a little wear out of it. If not, her little cousin might be in luck with a new frock.

Thanks for the kind comments following the previous post. The house may be a building site, but I'm secretly loving it. This weekend we've been plumbing and wiring. It would probably be much easier to get the builders in, but we love doing the work ourselves. I guess we're gluttons for punishment, but the house feels more ours after a bit of blood, sweat and tears.

Thanks for visiting the blog today, back soon.


  1. I wish it would fit me, I'd wear it. Fingers crossed she changes her mind as it looks so lovely.

  2. Shorter it could be a good top to wear with trousers. Amelie sounds like a very practical young lady.

  3. It's cute! I wondered the same as Arlene- would Amelie prefer it a bit shorter to wear with leggins?


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