What a difference a week makes

Well as it's been a holiday week, like lots of people, I've been wielding a paintbrush. Sadly not an artists brush, but satisfying anyway, even if glossing skirting boards isn't usually my idea of fun!

With a bit of hard graft and very late nights, we've gone from this:

to this:

Now we're just waiting on lights to be delivered and the floor layers to come and do their magic. I've painted the whole room white which is so refreshing after living in a beige house for so long. I need a blank canvas! I'm sure we'll add more colour as we go, but for now I've just painted the window and door reveals blue. 

I'm trying not to get impatient, but I can't wait to get some artwork up on the walls and the furniture in place. Hope you've all had a productive week too.



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