A Growing Distraction

At times like these I think I should write a gardening blog rather than an art one as I've spent much more time pulling weeds and planting than I have with paintbrush in hand. It's a welcome diversion from the coverage of the Election. While we vote at a local level, thinking about the implication in Downing Street can't be ignored. Who shall we choose, the ice maiden Mrs May who seems to have little empathy with other human beings, or Corbyn, with all the wit and charisma of a substitute geography teacher? My apologies of course to any witty and charismatic geography teachers out there, I'm sure there are some. We had Mrs Murray, who's idea of a lesson plan was to handout a photocopied wordsearch. Whenever I see Corbyn, I see Mrs Murray, and even the good kids were naughty in Mrs Murray's class. But enough of politics. I will be glad when it's over and we can all rumble along, much as we did before I expect.

And so if you are interested, here are some photos of what's been taking my time. The weather has truly been against us, and our garden which is full of acers was hit hard with some very cold nights that took every leaf and bud. Slowly the trees are getting back to normal and seem to have survived this week's battering of wind and rain.

Even my favourite oriental poppies are standing up well to the inclement weather. I love this variety with it's brilliant red colour and glorious serrated petals. They'll all be over in a flouncey showdown, but they are good while they last.

The day lilies will take over from the poppies glory. Any, minute, now...

My gardening stint was halted by the discovery of a bumble nest, exactly where I was hauling out an overgrown section of flowerbed. And yes, they do sting! We're apparently really lucky to have a bumble bee nest in the garden as they can be hard to encourage. Oh well, that patch will be staying weedy a little longer until they voluntarily move out!

Catch up again soon,


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