More Pottery

Do you remember we went pottery painting a couple of weeks ago? Well they're glazed and fired! I'm so pleased with how mine turned out. As you can see I've got a bit of a spots and stripes theme going on.

The plan is to keep it to blue and white to suit a new kitchen that I might have one day, but I can't help introducing a bit of red. I just love that combination!

I used little foam stamps to do the spots, while the fine lines were scratched through the paint with a scraper. The result looks quite quilt-like don't you think?

To go with the plate I did a little serving bowl. I sponged the inside, then added some spots, then scraped lines across some of the spots.

On the outside I did a combination of scraped and painted lines.

These are all painted on pre-thrown and biscuit fired blanks. I am itching to try to throw some pots of my own from scratch. I reckon when I grow up I want to be a potter!

Back soon!


  1. These are beautiful!!! I can see them in an upscale home catalog!! Lucky lady!!! And of course, talented to boot!!

  2. Oh Laura, the pottery is beautiful. It is very quilt like, but in an elegant way. I've always wanted to dip my fingers into creating pottery. The hummingbird mind when you are a creative person is dangerous. At least we are never bored.

  3. Thank you for such kind comments. I quite agree about the dangers of a butterfly mind - I want to try everything!!

  4. Gorgeous pottery .... just one more artistic expression, isn't it!

  5. I have the " itch", too! I just bought some air dry clay and have been playing a bit. These pieces look amazing. I can see how your previous style melds right into these! Great job:) Laura


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