Maybe I'm butterfly-minded, but I never like to pin down exactly what I do. I never say I'm a quilter, or an embroiderer (despite the Degree), I just say I'm an artist, and then I feel free to turn my hand to anything! Lately I'm really enjoying pottery painting. It's such a fun challenge to apply design ideas that I've used in my sketchbooks and on quilts to a 3D form. I would LOVE to try throwing some pots, but for now, it's just been about the decorating.

I treated my G'ma to a day out for her 89th and all us girls went and painted some pots.

Amelie and I have been a few times now. I'm trying to paint pieces that will work together in a set, but trying out new techniques each time. I painted a bowl and plate experimenting with a bit of sgraffito. I love to paint with sgraffito so why not on a pot!

It's hard to see in this photo, but the colours will hopefully be brighter and the marks more obvious when it's glazed and fired.

To go with, I did a plate. I just love making the spots. They are so easy and super quick to do. I'm hoping the red on navy ones will be really luscious after firing. I used the sgraffito technique in the central section, painting several layers of colour and scratching through to reveal.

A big thank you to Charlotte at Paint & Create (Apley, Bridgnorth). We're all really looking forward to seeing the results in a week or so. I'll be sure to post pictures! 

Bye for now,