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If you follow Linda's blog (the link's over there in the sidebar) then you'll have seen she's been painting garden birds.

She's using acrylics on canvas or wood panels. We'd been talking about the potential for using them as the basis for a new collection of Fingerprint digital print fabric panels. Both of us could imagine them working beautifully as cushions or pincushions.

Now that a number of the paintings are complete I've either scanned or photographed them so that they can be printed to fabric. Today I've worked on the images in Photoshop to add a frame and some text.

The frame is made from a snippet of border in a copyright-free source book and I've modified it so that it frames the bird. I'd thought to go with black and white for the frame but it was too harsh for the image. Printers will know that often red is added to black ink to warm up a lithograph or etching so I used the same philosophy and made the frames a very dark burgundy-brown.

And the beauty of the new studio means that I'm working in the same space as the digital fabric printer so I can just scoot over to the other end of the room and do a quick proof run to see how the designs are shaping up.

Here they are hot off the press a few moments ago. I don't know if it's just because they're brand new, but I'm loving them! I've designed them in three sizes for cushions, mini-cushions and pincushions. These are printed onto a medium-weight plain cotton which I think'll be perfect. It's a fine enough fabric to quilt if you want to, or otherwise, substantial enough to be made up without the addition of any quilting.

They've got to be steamed, rinsed, washed and pressed now so I won't get my hands on them for a few days yet, but I can't wait to look at them properly. Linda's coming over later on to see what I've done so I hope she'll be pleased with what I've done with her artwork!

Once we're sure they're perfect we'll be adding the panels to the Fingerprint store but I'll let you know when they're there.

Bye for now,


  1. Laura, how do you manage the steaming? Do you do it or do you send the fabric to someone else to steam?

  2. I love them! The deep burgundy brown frame is a beautiful accent to the birds. I think you have just solved the Christmas gift dilemma, cushions for all! :)

  3. We steam the fabric here, it's a vital part of the process as we don't print with pigment inks, we use steam-set reactive dyes. It's the most boring bit, but essential!


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