It's beginning to look like someone works here

We've put in some hard graft this weekend and the studio is really shaping up.  Alright, I know it doesn't look that tidy, but it's a lot better than it was. Gradually everything is finding a home and no doubt I'll move things round a bit to find the perfect place for it all. The display shelves at the end will stay. I'm going to arrange some of my finished pieces and examples of Fingerprint projects there. The lighting isn't really that yellow by the way!

We've put a pinboard up and I've unpacked some of the pieces that I've been working on. Now they're out I'm sure they'll get finished a bit quicker.
These pigeon-holes are really useful, but they are at Amelie height so I've been careful not to put anything to tempting in them!


  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us! And we/I thought you were productive before! I'm sure you'll really be productive now!

  2. I recognise those Ikea units! You should ask for advertising fees!!


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