What's on the wall?

I have no intention of this becoming a regular blog feature, as no doubt with the rate of my progress at the moment, the content of my design wall won't change as quickly as I might like, but for now, I'm just glad to have a design wall.

This is the piece I demonstrated on at one of my recent workshops. It's a sampler of techniques and although it was done in haste at the class, I think it's got potential so I'm going to stitch into it.

This is a quilt that I'm making for our new place. DMTV viewers will see this in more detail soon once I've tackled the next stages.

This one is another that I prepped for the workshop. It's one of our digital prints and I've simply drawn into it with paint and pens to add the lettering. You can see the original print here.


  1. We love seeing your 'space' and your life!!! You are such an inspiration to us all! Just wish you lived in the USA...I'd even fly (a few hours!) to take a workshop from you!! Thank goodness for DMTV!!


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