Studio progress

OK, photo time. I have been waiting until the studio started looking a bit more presentable before I showed you, but there's no sign of that happening soon so here goes.

This is what the space looked like on moving in day:

And one week later, with all my stuff piled in. It looks like this (people of a minimalist disposition would be best advised to look away now):

 But it's OK, help is here, everything will be out of the boxes in no time.
 I have got one area sorted, at least all the paints are out and organised on shelves. Just the rest to tackle now.


  1. What a great space to play with!!! I'm sure you will soon have it straight and working. I found moving everything at once meant I forgot where I put a lot of things, they hadn't migrated to a place naturally, so keep some sticky labels to hand!!

  2. Yep, your little one will have those boxes emptied in no time! She is so cute and I can't believe she's one already! Happy Birthday!

  3. I hope you soon settle in and manage to find everything - I spend more time tidying and looking for stuff than I ever do being productive.
    And I can't believe how big your little helper has got, she's definitely not a baby anymore, she a real little person! (From my surprise, you will probably realise I don't have kids, although I am aware that they grow) Gill x

    1. I so relate to this comment! My studio space also houses all the gardening equipment ( no secure shed!) which adds to the chaos. Am in the middle of a tidy up!!

  4. What a beautiful space!!! I love the bank of cupboards on the far wall and the fireplace with bookcases. Just pull up a chair and stitch in front of the fire this winter. Amelie is growing so quickly! Before I know it, she will be offering her own classes on DMTV and showing us her sketchbooks and cloths.


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