Pumpkins and party frocks

It's Thursday, so that means it's DesignMatters Newsletter day. Each week we try to gather our thoughts and put together a few words about what we've been doing that week and things that are coming up which we hope will be of interest to our readers. With Halloween just around the corner we thought we'd do a Halloween themed photo for the news. All summer my Dad's been growing pumpkins. He's gutted by the way, after all his hard labour, that they are 2 for £3 in the supermarket. We thought we'd pose Amelie with one of the pumpkins and some orange coloured toys like those super-cute photos you see. Ha! That old adage never work with children or animals is so true:

These were as good as it got. Save to say that it ended with her biting the pumpkin. I am all admiration for the photographers who spend all day photographing children for clothes brochures.

A few weeks ago we printed a Bespoke fabric order for bridal couturier Sarah Treble. The fabric was silk organza and the artwork some beautifully painted amaryllis on a soft teal blue background. I was so intrigued to see how the dress would look that I asked if Sarah would mind sending photos when it was complete. Kindly she and the bride agreed and here they are.

The fabric was so beautifully soft and luxurious with that trademark spring of organza. Any experienced seamstress will know how difficult it is to handle, but such a joy to wear. I'm sure you'll agree with me that the bride looks amazing and such a refreshing change from the usual whites and creams. Should you be in the market for a bespoke wedding gown take a look at Sarah's website for some gorgeous examples

Meanwhile, Linda's been painting all the birds that visit her garden. The latest addition is this wren. It's an acrylic painting on wood panel and today I've scanned it in preparation for creating a digitally printed fabric panel. Linda's hoping to have a range of these birds printed to fabric and they'll be available in the Fingerprint Store just as soon as we can get them done.

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  1. Printed fabric beautiful...and that baby....ditto!

  2. Such an adorable cute little girl Amelie is. And where is the picture she took a bite? Love to see it.

  3. What a cute little thing she is growing into Laura!

  4. Amelie is simply adorable and I always enjoy seeing her! She is growing so fast! That IS a lovely gown for sure. I agree the fabric is gorgeous to wear.

  5. The gown is gorgeous! Amelie is so funny and cute. I love the bit of tongue and that giggle photo is precious. She is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks for sharing!


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