No place like home

We've done it! Everything is moved to the new place, of course it's not unpacked, but it's here. The studio has to be top of the list so I can work and so the printer can be set back up and running.   I've sorted through a lot of boxes today and my machine has even done a few miles, nothing creative though, I've made curtains! No photos yet, it's far too messy!

While I have an unlimited attention span for organising my new space, Amelie doesn't, so this afternoon we went for a walk to explore our new patch. This street is so cute, I love the wonky black and white cottages.

This whole area is on sandstone bedrock that outcrops here and there. This wall makes great use of the stone. Isn't the doorway beautiful? I managed to resist sneaking up and peeping through, but only just!

Bye for now,


  1. Good luck in your new home!!! It looks a lovely village.

  2. Good luck in your new home - hope you will be very happy there.


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