It's a blur

It's been a week of birthday treats for Amelie including a visit to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. It's days like these that I wish I'd read the instruction book for my camera so I could adjust it to low light and speedy fish - most of my photos were a blur of bright colour!

Or a blur of Amelie attempting an escape into a rock pool. Hang on Grandad!

I had better luck with the fish who are happier to pose like this blue-spotted ray who sat very nicely for me. What a fabulous eye?

The penguins were a big hit. They swim so fast, like little torpedoes, propelling themselves vertically out of the water to get back onto the ground.

Can't have a birthday treat with out ice-cream.

I've been taking even more photos that usual lately. Why? Well because I can't stand being left out of Linda's Art Diary Challenge that's happening on DMTV. I've started my own diary and I'm using loads of photos to capture what we get up to. I'll be back soon to show you where I've got with it. 

bye for now,


  1. Happy Birthday to Amelie - its a delight to watch her grow up. Thank you

  2. 3 already! My goodness. Happy birthday little one!

  3. Happy Birthday to Amelie! She is a sweetheart girl ...
    Bucharest, Romania

  4. Happy 3 Birthday to Amelie & many happy returns! Such a beautiful little girl. I love your photo of her with the starfish. You have such an artist's eye.

  5. Happy Birthday, Amelie! What a wonderful aquarium. I love peguins. The first time I saw them was at the Stanley Zoo in Vancouver, B.C. Of course, otters have a spot in my heart too. I loved the photo of Amelie as a garden fairy on Linda's blog. She is growing so quickly. Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you happy.


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