Do you ever dream about something so vividly that you're convinced it's real? I do that all the time and it's the reason why I haven't blogged - I dream I've done it and it's only when I pop over to Blogger to look at the stats that I realise, nope, I haven't! If only everything could be accomplished in the middle of the night by dreaming.

You've perhaps seen these plates creeping into some of my photos on the blog. They live on the windowsill in my lounge which has good light and so is where I also take lots of snapshots of sketchbooks and stuff. I acquired another plate today. It was my Grandma's birthday and so we went to visit and take presents. Leaving with more than we brought I got this one with lovely poppy decoration.

My favourite bit is the flies though. Flies on the side of a platter, yum! No marks on the back, but you can tell it's got some age. In much better nick than the others I reckon it would probably be Ok to serve food on this one without posing too much of a hazard to health. I'm on the hunt for some dinner plates with the same blue-green coloured patterns. It's easy to find blue, easy to find green, but this softer, more subtle dark teal which I love is proving elusive. I love having a mission though so will keep my eyes peeled.

Fresh supplies arrived so I've been doing more experimental gilding this week. It's been good fun to explore how the metal leaf will adhere to different textile surfaces. Definitely more difficult and temperamental than working on a paper surface, but the results so far have lots of potential so I'm working now to perfect my technique before I add some to a new quilt that's in progress. 

This text will also be on the same piece. I'm making a new quilt for Through Our Hands which'll be exhibited at Festival of Quilts this summer. The text is written and printed digitally to fabric and I really love how it looks along with the other painted and printed elements of the quilt. 

Using text will be one of the workshops that I'm planning for this year. I've not forgotten about these classes, in fact I've devised what we'll do and written up the blurb to tempt you to join me! All I've got to do is secure some dates at the venue then I'll be able to confirm all the details and get rolling.

Bye for now,


  1. Laura, the plates are gorgeous. They have that "flow blue" and aged qualities that modern dishes lack. I love the designs. I wonder if that is why some were thinner back in the day - ogling the dinnerware instead of eating. :) It does give new meaning to "waiter, there is a fly in my soup!". Lovely gilded cloth. You always get my creative "what it" juices going. Thanks!

  2. Aaah, thanks Jeannie! The nasturtium plate is still my favourite. It might have to feature in a still life at some point. Thanks from dropping by. Laura x

  3. Love your metal leaf samples - it's an interesting idea to experiment with. Know exactly what you mean by that blue/green - so much more subtle. Thanks for posting.


  4. Thank you to show us so fabulous dishes...Is that what we call "Wedgwood dishes " ????

    This * blue * is marvellous.



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