Lovely Fabric

OK, I should qualify the title of the blog. I'm not sure where it came from but 'lovely fabric' spoken with a good old Black Country accent is one of the sayings in our family. I'm sure every family has these little phrases that mean nothing to anyone else!

Today I have some truly lovely fabric to show you. At Fingerprint it's always fascinating to see how other people are using digital print, but especially nice when we get to print a design that we'd rather to keep than put in the post! Recently we printed short runs of cotton poplin and silk chiffon for freelance photographer Samantha Sargant. I was intrigued by her collection and asked her to send me photos of what she was making. I love them and thought you might find them inspiring too:

You can see more of Samantha's work on her website If you're interested in making a purchase you can get in touch by email.

Don't forget, if you have photographs and would like them printed to fabric we would love to help you. Just drop me a line anytime to chat about the options.

Bye for now,