It's all about the teeth

Just a quick post today to show you I've been working in my art journal. When Amelie was new the hot topic was always 'how much does she weigh?', now when people ask about her it's 'how many teeth has she got?'. I thought it would make sense to document the arrival of another three teeth last week so made this page. It's a diagram of the 20 primary (baby teeth) and the anatomy of a tooth. I'm quite fascinated by these sorts of scientific drawings. My quick sketch isn't up to much, but it was fun to do.

For the record, so far, four upper incisors, two lower. 

I also realised that I'd not added the 'Followers' gadget to the side bar of the blog. Oops! I've put it there now and I do hope you'll follow along, be great to see a few more friendly faces there.

I've got more to show you in the book so I'll be back soon.
Bye for now,


  1. Buy the time the corn is ripe, Amelie will have the appropriate teeth to enjoy it. I love scientic drawings. The details and interesting tidbits always draw me in.

  2. Ooh...I wish you wouldn't talk about teeth! I need a dentist visit....but I don't want to go! Why are least a lot of nervous of the dentist?
    I can't believe that little bundle has so many teeth already. Gosh they grow up fast...and I LOVE your work.


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