First pages

I've made a start in the little journal. It's more fragile than I first thought so some mending will be required along the way. Of course the first real test is to find out what the paper is like. I hate working on horrible paper, but this seems OK, it's a bit absorbent for watercolour so I might find I've got to seal the pages with a bit of gel medium first.

The first page was faced with a blank page so I made my own title page there. I recently bought some Derwent Artbars and thought they might be ideal for this project as they're quite portable and clean to use. They're a bit chunky for the small scale of this book though and felt rather clumsy in the hand when drawing finer lines. I think I'll still use them for broader marks. 

The paper is quite thin and I intend to paint in the book so I've started by glueing together several pages in batches of at least three. The new grouped pages have much more body and will be more resilient to the wet media that I might use.


  1. Thanks for this post. I am a Mature [very] Fine Arts student and I think I will start a couple of Art Journals over the long summer vac. I have a little old book [printed 1950s ] The Book of Hints and Wrinkles and another more contemporary book about Rothko. I hope to use them as less threatening way of exploring........


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