Time for something new

I might be the world's worst at starting new things when I really ought to be finishing other stuff off. Put it down to plenty of enthusiasm and ideas, but not enough time or patience. Just don't say the words boutis or boro to me. Yes those quilts are both still in the works, but a long way off being complete. I did meet a deadline this week so I'm going to reward myself with beginning something new.

While mooching about on the internet in the small hours, I seem to be stumbling over lots of blogs and sites about art journaling. While I work in sketchbooks all the time I've never kept a journal, but seeing as I like to use text in my work from time to time I thought I'd have a go. Writing about what I feel and think isn't something that I ever do. I suppose that's why I work in a visual medium, if I could explain things in words then I'd be a writer, but I'm not. Today I was asked what one of my quilts was all about. I know exactly what it's about but I stumbled over the words and didn't convey it properly at all. It's one of those quilts that comes from the gut and I just can't say it out loud. Well not without sounding like a twerp.

I have the perfect candidate to journal in. An 1886 almanac and diary that I splurged £3 on from a lovely shop in Bridgnorth. The original owner was obviously as good a diary keeper as I am as entries are very few and far between and mainly focus on the purchase of boots and black suits, broad beans and cabbages.

The paper is fine, the binding fragile and the whole thing quite dainty. Not really the ideal candidate for an altered art journal, but hopefully if it requires a mend along the way that will just add to its charm.

I might begin with a study of a nest which Linda found while out walking with Amelie this week. Isn't it a beauty. As light as a feather and lined with feathers and what looks like badger hair. I should say it was lying on the road, we didn't nick it out of a tree!


  1. The little journal is a gorgeous find. However I think the little nest may be a goldfinch's. They are so light, they easily get blown out of trees.

  2. A lovely little journal. It looks like just the right size to hold in your hand. Swooning over the nest! The diary writer sounds like my Gram. I have one of her diaries and the entries revolve around her weight (;D), what she planted in the garden, and what I did while staying with her (I was about Amelie's age during this diary.) Simple entries, but so much my Gram. Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend.

  3. I love the idea of the layers of two different journals of two different people in one book. Now I want to look for a slightly-used journal!

  4. I think the answer to "What's it about" could be "It's very complicated, I doubt you'd understand"
    But then that may be why I don't have any friends! The journal is lovely, what a great find.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments! Jill you might be right as there seem to be lots of goldfinches around here at the moment.


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