Vintage Shops and Village Life

I suppose it's been a pretty typical Saturday around here, this morning we visited a few of our usual haunts in Bridgnorth. After breakfast at Number One (my cousin's tearoom) we nipped opposite for a mooch in A'tique. Jane always puts together a lovely window display. I was quite tempted by the vintage ticking and if I thought I'd actually find five minutes to make anything from it I might have made a purchase. 

Eagles eyes might spot a piece of our Vintage Keys fabric in the midst of the display. 

We print some exclusive designs just for A'tique like the fabric Jane's used to make the cushion below. That particular one was an image of the label on an antique French game. And she also makes cushions from some of our vintage style fabrics such as the keys, world maps and clocks. They sit well with her eclectic collection of curiosities.

In the summer months Bridgnorth on Saturdays is usually packed with tourists enjoying the markets and shops. The weather put a few off today, there's not a soul having coffee outside the deli! 

Back at home village life was in full swing as it's Flower Festival weekend. We live in a very sleepy place and this is about as exciting as it gets. There are marquees and bunting at the vicarage and the church is decorated with floral arrangements.

Don't be fooled by the blue sky in the photo above. It was a fleeting moment. The dramatic sky in the next photo reflects the day much more accurately. I did my bit to support them and took Amelie down for a look, just about dodging most of the rain. Floral arrangements are a strange thing, don't you think? Or is it just me?

It was actually quite strange to be in the church when there are lots of people about. I sometimes go in when it's deserted and the atmosphere is quite different. Believer or not, and I suppose I class myself as the latter, there's still something awe inspiring about being in a building that, in parts, dates back a thousand years. Incredible to think that some of those stones have been standing there for such a long time. Inside is the most amazing oak parish chest that dates back to the early 1100s. Said to be one of the finest in the country it's hewn from a single oak and banded with iron straps. I do love that there is this history in our village. Someone call Time Team there must be something interesting in our garden and I don't care about the lawn.

The beautiful blossom on this cherry was taking a battering in the wind and I doubt there'll be much left soon. These wonky gravestones are some of the oldest but it's still possible to read the names and dates. I've done rubbings of them in the past which is probably not allowed. I'd be more than happy if it was me under there though, wouldn't you?

And the reason for our saunter around the village? Well to convince Amelie to take an afternoon nap. The result? I got wet and she never closed her eyes. Mission most definitely not accomplished.


  1. You live in a beautiful village. I marvel at old buildings. Of course, here in the states, old isn't that old compared to Europe. :) I love to walk through old cemeteries to look at the tombstones. The old, weathered etchings and words are so beautiful. I think I would be flattered if someone wanted to "rub" my tombstone. Amelie looks quite the princess strolling down the garden path, especially with the little May trees lining it. Have a wonderful week.

  2. What is the name of the castle and cemetery?

  3. Hi Karin, The building is our Parish church. It's called All Saints and I think according to the short history I've read, that the castellations and buttresses that make it look rather castle-like were added in the 15th Century. The grave stones in the photo are much more recent though - 18th Century I think.
    Thanks for dropping by the blog,

  4. What a lovely part of the world you live in ( can't complain, though, where I am in Devon is wonderful too) - but I've not explored Staffs and Shrops area much..... I love old buildings and in particular churches and can easily spend hours in graveyards, I find them fascinating!!


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