Custom fabric ideas

Lately in my recent quilts I been using custom printed 'handwriting' fabric. You can see it in the central section below...
'They Bloom Brightly in his Garden'
 and the side border in this one...
'I Hope you're not Lonely'
I love how the handwritten text at a distance adds interesting marks and pattern, but close up also gives clues as to the inspiration and ideas involved with the quilt.

This weekend I'll be teaching my workshop TXT Message and in preparation we've been digitally printing handwritten fabric for each of the students. Last week I asked all the students to send me some text in advance so we can get it all ready for the class. The words could of course be anything, but I suggested thinking about a theme that could be followed through during the workshop.

Here's more waiting to be pressed and folded!

The finished fabrics just waiting to be used on Sunday

Here at Fingerprint we offer a custom printing service that's open to everyone, not just students. Digital fabric printing can sound like a daunting process if you're not familiar with it, but we're on hand to make it easy peasy, we'll even scan your designs for you. If you'd like some of your own custom 'handwriting' fabric here's what to do:

1. Fill a sheet of white paper no larger than 8" x 11" with handwritten words. You can write with anything, but a black marker pen will usually give best results.

If you have a scanner:

2. Scan the handwriting with a resolution of at least 600dpi, (1200dpi if you can). Save as .jpg or .tiff.

3. Email the file to us at this address. Don't compress or shrink the file in any way, just send it as it is. If it's too big to send by email just upload it using Dropbox or similar.


If you don't have a scanner or would prefer us to take care of it for you:

2. Pop your piece of handwriting in a board-backed envelope (don't fold the paper, mark the envelope 'do not bend') and post it to us at:

Fingerprint, 135 Post Office Road, Seisdon, Wolverhampton, South Staffs, WV5 7HA.

We'll then scan the handwriting for you and return your original when we post you the fabric.

As soon as your emailed image or posted handwriting arrives we'll crack straight on with printing your custom fabric. We usually print onto cotton poplin, but also have other fabrics available so if you're looking for something different just email.

And of course, the price! The students will each have half a metre with their handwriting printed at three different sizes, small, medium and large, so there's lots to play with. If you'd like the same, half a metre (approximately 150cm x 50cm, 60" x 20") is just £22.50 (including scanning if required). The only extra is postage and packing which depends on which country you live in. Order more, or club together with friends and all order at once and you can take advantage of our discount rate of £18 per half metre from metre two onwards of your order.


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