Just a phase

"It's just a phase". The mantra that keeps every new Mom sane. Seems to me that phases last about two weeks. Two weeks of incessant raspberry blowing, two weeks of da-da-da-da-da, two weeks of loving banana...When it's two weeks of squealing, getting up even more ridiculously early than usual, battling at bedtime, you whisper to yourself "it's just a phase, all this will pass", and sanity prevails.

So when she slept through from bedtime till an almost respectable hour without a peep, we wondered, we hoped, rather than a fluke, a one-off, could this be a phase?

No, don't be silly. Every rule must have an exception.


  1. ten years from now you won't even remember these phases! You'll have a whole new set of 'phases' to deal with! She's a beautiful baby!!!!

  2. Laura, she's so adorable. My 'baby' is now 23 and I don't know where the time went! Enjoy your cuddles and have one for me!


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