Festival of Quilts Day 2

We're halfway through Festival of Quilts and still standing, well on achy feet! This year on the stand we've focussed mostly on showcasing the Fingerprint range of digital print fabrics, talking to visitors about the custom printing service that we offer and of course, talking to anyone who's interested in the inspiration to be found on DMTV. The stand always starts off looking reasonably tidy, but very quickly becomes more like a jumble sale - always a good sign! Here are two of our brilliant helpers Maureen and Jamie doing a grand job of refolding the fabric and restoring a bit of order. They're all smiles today, let's see if it lasts till Sunday!

We've grouped some of the most popular fabrics together in collections and also brought some of the items like the antique clockface which is the source of inspiration for two of our favourites. You can just see it in the photo below peeping out from behind the cushion.

Can you spot the motorbike in the photo below? This panel is one of seven new designs that we've launched this week. They'll be added to the website store soon too. We thought they'd be popular at the show as they have a bit of local interest - Linda took the images as an art student in the early 70s here in the Black Country. We stumbled on them a few weeks ago and thought they'd make wonderful fabrics. I'll be sure to show you them all properly soon.

If you're coming to Festival this weekend then we'd love for you to drop by the stand (P16).

Here's a bit better photo of one of my new quilts in the Through Our Hands exhibit. I managed to spend some time in the gallery this morning and the feedback on all the work has been wonderful. Through Our Hands is looking for new gallery venues for 2014/15 onwards so please get in touch if you're interested in hosting us. 

Finally, last one for today. Here's the view into the second hall. Keep going onto that blue carpet and we're about halfway down on the right hand side!