Food and music

There's a music festival on in Bridgnorth this week so we headed up to take a look. The High Street would usually be fairly quiet on a Sunday, but not today! 

This end of the street was lined with food and drink stalls including my cousin Sadie here on the left with Lily. Sadie runs Number One tearoom in Bank Street, and today was making waffles, panini and  her homemade cakes for lots of hungry visitors. 

We go to Sadie's a lot so I'm afraid she couldn't tempt us today. We wanted to try something from a stall we don't usually see so instead we had fragrant Thai chicken with noodles from Buddha Belly. Apparently Sai, the girl who cooked got to the last 24 of Masterchef last year. I'm not surprised, it was yum. At the other end of the street past the market hall is a big marquee for the bands.

It was loud but she loved it!


  1. Oh my...she is a cracker isn't she? Our children were born in the 70's but I still remember every one of them as babies. Time goes way too fast...treasure every second! Now? I think they must be older than us! They are certainly wiser...


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