Festival of Quilts - Day 1

This will have to be a hastily written post. I've made the sarnies for tomorrow and need to go and catch a few zzzzs before another early start for Festival of Quilts in the morning. I hoped you might like to see a few photos from the show so far. We've only managed a few shots, Jamie took these on his phone. I'll make sure to take my camera before the show is over and capture it properly for posterity!

Here's a look at the outside of the Through Our Hands exhibition on set up day. Don't worry, the traffic cones and step ladders aren't part of the installation! You can see my two newest quilts.

Just inside the entrance to the stand we're projecting a video showing hands at work stitching and painting. On the right you can just see Linda's latest quilt, Ragged and Black.

On the stand there is amazing work by 10 of the Through our Hands artists. In this photo you can just see a triptych by Sandra Meech and other pieces by Eszter Bornemisza.

Annabel's showing three of her incredible 'Life' quilts which attracted lots of attention. That's Annabel in the green shirt being interviewed by Bonnie McCaffery. She was also filmed for Create and Craft TV and I'm hoping to get her on tape for DMTV if we have time!

The space was packed out for the whole day. It was wonderful to see the work receiving such interest.

If you're coming, do make sure to drop by the space to enjoy the work for real. Several of the artists will be about during the course of the show. Today Alicia Merrett, Elizabeth Brimelow and Sandra Meech were on hand to answer questions. Annabel and I will be around everyday, if I'm not there, I'm just down the aisle on our DesignMatters stand (P16). 

Manic Thursday as it might become known lived up to it's reputation and we were very busy on our own stand. Amelie attracted most attention of course! The new Fingerprint fabric designs proved to be almost as popular and we've already sold out of quite a few. Just goes to show, no matter how much we prepare for these shows, there's never enough hours in the day! I'll get some photos of our stand tomorrow so you can see how it's looking.

Hope to see you there at some point.


  1. I was at FOQ yesterday and Through Our Hands was WONDERFUL. Your two new quilts demonstrate exactly how hand work and digital technology can complement each other. I want hand drawn art work to look like it is hand drawn, but screen print has limitations. Digital print reproduces the colour detail and tonal variation like no other technique and your quilts are then hand worked to enhance it further. How good is that! Your work gave me joy, peace and contentment. I hope it gives you this too.


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