Festival - last few photos

I realise that I haven’t blogged ‘Day 3’ of Festival which did of course happen, but as you’ll know if you’ve done a show like this, all the days end up blurring into one. Here are the last few of my photos from the show. Linda has more on her camera which no doubt she’ll pop on her own blog over the next few days.

These are all a bit out of sequence. Here’s Annabel on set up day looking all authoritative and in control as the hanging team get the work on the walls.

We’d printed a new banner for the Quilt Museum Shop stand. As you can see, it’s to help promote the digitally remastered chintz panel that they sell which we also produce for them here at Fingerprint. I hear that they’re selling really well and you can find out more on their website.

This has to be on the world's worst jobs list - the NEC must have acres of carpet. We think they ought to go mad and buy her an electric vacuum.

Linda and I both did stints on the Through Our Hands stand today. It was lovely to chat with visitors about the quilts on display. Here's Mom and Annabel.

We're really glad we set up this studio section in the TOH space. I chipped in with a few bits but it's mostly from Annabel's room. The mug of tea, half eaten packet of biscuits, and bird's nest of threads - we thought it all helped to set the scene. On the easel you can see her latest, Fighting Back, in progress with one leg still to be quilted before that, and the rest of the body, gets its layers of paint. 

Back on our stand and Linda's explaining how to use compressed printing sponge. It's such a lovely product. I'll have to show you some examples once we've unpacked.

Ah, a rare moment - she's not talking! 

We had a brilliant time and I just want to say thank you to everyone who came to see us and said such kind things. It makes it all worthwhile. Susan, those cakes were so bad, I really had to force the second one down - he he!! Seriously yum. Now I ask you, what's better than an iced cupcake? An iced cupcake with a hidden dollop of Nutella in the middle! The perfect sugar hit for a long day.

Naturally Amelie was the most popular attraction on our stand. I think we could quite easily have left all the fabric at home and the visitors wouldn't have minded so long as she was there. Apart from a few squawks (it's not easy to convince her to nap when there's such excitement everywhere) she was on top form and loved every minute.

I usually feel quite tired after the show, and there's no doubt that four long days on the stand with an 11 month old in tow is quite tough, but nevertheless I feel really energised and inspired to crack on with purpose. Let's hope the feeling lasts till morning.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this glimps of the show! I know how hectic and busy it is for exhibitors, so I really appreciate your posts and pictures

  3. Hi Laura I am so glad you all enjoyed the cakes, a little treat from me as a thank you for sharing your creativity as well as all the tips and advice you give on how we to can achieve such wonderful pieces of art. It was a pleasure, as always to pop by say hello to you and the team on the DMTV stand. Not to mention seeing the amazing exhibition of Through Our Hands and meeting Annabel, such a delight. I hope I will see you all again next year at FOQ till then take care and hugs to you all x

  4. Great to see you all on Saturday, and to introduce Ludmila to you - what an amazing woman she is. I really wish now that I'd bought one or two clock faces/maps etc but I was dizzy with exhaustion. Would they be available via the website store?

    1. Hi Anne, Yes, you can order online and we'll post them to you. The website is http://www.fingerprintfabric.com

      Bye for now,


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