A sea-change

All you Mom's out there who've been there, done that, already will think me daft but I'm beginning to sense a shift. 16 months in and Amelie would rather totter about than be carried and will play happily without my full, undivided attention. I suppose I knew that this day would come, but through the bleary fog of tiredness sometimes it felt like it might not! I don't read many blogs but I do follow Alisa Burke, mainly because her daughter is just a bit older than mine and I like to see how she battles on and still manages to get a surprising amount of creative stuff done. She posted a video on her site today which I enjoyed. I decided not to post it here because she requests that content from her blog isn't redistributed without permission. I get annoyed when that happens to my stuff willy nilly and think that's a very fair ask. Why not head over to her blog and check it out first hand. Here's a link.

I am very happy that Amelie has started to draw. I've been encouraging her for weeks and now she heads straight for the pots of pencils and pens in the studio. I bought her a set of her own crayons and always have a piece of paper taped to a board for her to work on,

but unsurprinsingly, of course her medium of choice is permanent pen and any available surface.

I love having a companion in the studio and can't wait for lots of creative adventures together. I might leave it a while before we start working with fabrics though - my new roll of cotton wadding hasn't faired very well from her attention...

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  1. Top pic - I'm seeing an animal face! Looked at Alisa's video and expecting great things from the Kemshall Generation Collaboration ( especially as you can top the Burke household with the additional generation of Grandma!)

  2. Thank you! I think Alisa has a talented Mom too. Isn't it wonderful how this stuff seems to filter down through the generations.

  3. You follow Alisa, and I do to, and I also follow you for you baby steps. Grand baby is due in 4 weeks and I hope I can give her as many arty freedoms as possible so seeing how you manage will help. :-)

  4. yes, I see a little terrier in that first picture. An artist in the making!

  5. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and 15 days old son and love following you and Alisa for the inspiration of working /crafting/artist mums ... We opened patchwork shop when our daughter was one and I know exactly what you're going throughwith permanent markers and ripped wadding ... just wait when she masters the scissors! :-)


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