Let the wild rumpus start

The studio will undergo major renovations before I can even think about the possibility of running workshops there, but for now we're starting with a few simple jobs. The first was to smash out carefully remove the existing fireplace. There's no way we want an open fire in the studio, we'd never light it and it was taking up valuable space.

So after a few minutes with a hammer and a dustpan and brush we were left with this lovely empty space.

Space needed for this!

A late night purchase on eBay which I'm really excited about. It's an original set of haberdashery or drapers drawers.

They must have come from a sports shop!

Luckily I had help to give them the once over with a duster.

And now I can enjoy the task of folding all our Fingerprint fabrics and arranging them in the drawers. At last we'll have a system!


  1. OMG!!!! it looks so much better than I imagined.
    What a wonderful find :o)

  2. Sooooo envious - though whether of the drawers or the help I'm not sure!

  3. Congrats!! Being organized is wonderful!!! A must especially with a business!

  4. A change is as good as a holiday and you are starting out with two necessities of the studio - space and storage. Two things I will never have, you lucky thing!

  5. Fabulous find!!! I love how Amelie and Linda got into helping you dust up and ready the bins for cloth. Enjoy your new space!

  6. These drawers are really great. I am jealous! And you don't have to clean your own house anymore. That looks even better. Have fun!

  7. Look at all that space!!! I'm so envious!! I'm sure ou'll manage to fill it though....xx

  8. spectacular set of shelves! I love those but am always discouraged from buying things like that as my husband had to help in his parent's clothes shops when he was a kid decades ago. Any thing that reminds him of a shop produce an allergic reaction.


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