Waste not, want not

I think it's 12th night tonight so Christmas is being taken down today. The tree's already in the garden and the lights are packed away for next time. I hate the waste of throwing Christmas cards away, even into the recycling bin.

Much better to re-use them so my helper and I have cut them up into next year's gift tags. I know you can get a punch and while I'm always tempted by a new bit of kit, I didn't think it was in the spirit of the endeavour so instead I've just cut them freehand in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With a basic office punch I've popped a hole in each one for a ribbon and they're done.

I fussy-cut the tags to make the best of the illustrations on the cards so any leftover areas and the backs of the cards have gone into a pile for other uses. I love English piecing and the weight of greetings cards seems to be just right for re-usable papers. It's quite fun to spot people's names as you work!


  1. Waste not, want not!!!! I say that all the time!! A great idea for next year...now to remember!

  2. I like to make the cards into books to play in, but I like your idea of gift tags. unfortunately I do not do much english patchwork, since I am extremely lazy, but I think it's a great idea.

  3. OH no! Mine are in the bottom of the recycling bin already..............


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