No more pudding for breakfast

I do enjoy the holidays. I like not needing to worry about what day of the week it actually is, whether I ought to answer the growing list of email in the Inbox and the fact that it's OK to have left-over tiramisu for breakfast (yes, twice). But being lazy quickly gets boring!

After too long indoors it was refreshing to head outside in the glorious sunshine this morning to take some photos. This year I've got the excitement of seeing our new garden through the seasons for the first time. I love the trees in wintertime and couldn't resist these shots. I'm sure they'll crop up in my sketchbook or on some fabric sooner or later...

I was asked for more photos from Christmas Day. You know what it's like, fun but a bit mental and after the first few minutes we didn't take many shots, but here are a couple...

A little colouring between pudding courses...

Thank you for all the nice comments about the tablecloth. It's an idea I came up with when we started Fingerprint, I called it 'We Print, You Paint' and I made a few designs which went onto the website but I have lots more to come! It's something I'm going to focus on this spring as everyone who's tried it thinks it's such fun.

That turned into a much longer post than I'd planned. Better sign off and do some work!


  1. I love the fungi and the lichen. And the table cloth is so great. I love the cup prints!

  2. Pudding for breakfast is my favourite!!! Love the trees (especially the bits of greenery as I live in a very snowy part of Canada where spring is months away). Colouring table cloth is such a brilliant idea ... a birthday motif with larger images might be great for a child's party or 'baby' themed for a shower. The possibilities are endless - how clever of you!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the dining room table photos. Just beautiful and so filled with love!
    And the garden pics are stunning, clearly taken with an artist's eye.

  4. Laura,
    Your Xmas table and decorations look wonderful. I love the colouring cloth idea!
    Is that a ' rotary iron' I see behind you? If so , what brand is it? I have been looking for one here in Canada for ever and maybe I will have to look in the UK.

  5. I love the shots of the garden...especially the ones with the apples on the tree. We live on what is now a life style block that was once an orchard...and those are the sights I miss seeing. All the super duper best for the coming year for you and yours!


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