Sleeping on it

Do you go to bed thinking about all sorts of things and wake up the next morning with everything completely resolved and decided in your mind? I had one of those sleeps last night. I've been worried about the amount of work I have to do and not done, and yes, those quilts where I cleverly printed my name and 2013 on the back weren't quilted before the close of New Year's Eve. I guess I'll have to appliqué a new date on top! I love everything that I do and get excited about new projects and things that I could develop so always find it very difficult to say no. I've learnt to decline teaching and lecturing bookings that require travelling. While it sounds glamorous to say you're going to the US, or South Africa, or New Zealand to teach, in reality, one classroom often looks much like another and if travelling is on the cards, I'd rather go just for fun, to be able to see and enjoy a destination rather than just the inside of another workshop venue.

Recently Linda and I decided to no longer run DesignMatters, our online courses, as an accredited City & Guilds centre. It takes a considerable amount of time to keep on top of the paperwork and admin required. Just imagine, there's only two of us running a whole college, albeit an online one! By not having the accreditation we'll be able to massively reduce the administration but still offer the courses which we love. Without the need to satisfy an external awarding body there's less pressure on the students and no need to send work to a tutor for feedback. All much more relaxed and laid back.

Cutting down on the paperwork has helped, but I still have much less studio time than I used to. I have Amelie now and she's my priority. Everyone tells you 'oh, they grow up so fast' and it's true! If I can, I want to spend as much time with her as possible, even if that means limiting the time when I can concentrate properly on work to the evenings. I've decided to step down from the exhibiting group SiX that I've been with since the start in 2001. I'm sad to leave the group, but with a number of successful exhibitions under our belt the time seemed right.

Phew, so that's the workload pared down a bit and I feel like what remains is much more doable. I'm working away quietly in the background on a new website for It's a complete redesign right from the ground up and is taking time, but will be worth the square eyes and late nights. Now I really ought to get going with those quilts. No pictures this time, but with luck I'll have some quilting to show really soon.

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  1. Good that you have your 'life' in order!!! Congrats on your decisions.

  2. If life didn't evolve and change it would be very boring. We'll done on taking some big designs and thank you for being my wonderful tutor at the time.

  3. I'm with you when it comes to the travelling abroad and teaching. To me that sort of travel means a holiday, not work! Great if you can take your family and extend the visit but that isn't the case for me. Hats off to those who do it. Babies are more important.

  4. I'm sure I left a comment this morning .. it's been eaten!! Anyway - you enjoy Amelies' childhood was the gist of it .. it will only happen once ...

  5. Sounds like a good decision. I did ask Linda if you would consider putting up the last graduate portfolios for the 'old' regime. Some of my fellow students asked when they could see them on your website.


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