It's a dangerous place

No, not the wild wood, eBay! I always enjoy going to our local auction and they occasionally have things that I want to bid for. I don't do it that often so I still get the adrenalin rush when I put my hand in the air. It's not quite the same to bid online, but the internet holds so many more riches to explore!

Two houses ago I had an old plan chest that had come from a school. It was a bit the worse for wear, the top drawer completely jammed shut by the sagging top and other drawers stiff and hard to open. I decided it was more trouble that it was worth and at some point or other it went in a skip. This, it turns out, was a bit of a mistake. What I should have done was give it a little TLC as I have discovered plan chests, especially vintage wooden ones are worth a quid or two.

Since the demise of the plan chest my drawings, prints and reams of paper have been stacked up on or under various tables, inevitably suffering. I decided this week that they needed a proper home of their own. I scoured eBay and found plan chest that looked perfect, it was even fairly local so getting it here wouldn't be a problem. I dropped a cheeky bid in at the last moment while everyone else must have been at the pub and woohoo! I got it for a bargain price! Better still when we went to collect it today it turned out he had another identical one. I am very happy with these simple additions to the studio. I had offered one to Linda this morning, but I think she might be out of luck, I have already started filling them both up.

At some point I'll paint the green legs something more appealing. My primary school uniform was that colour and I just can't bear it.

This online auction ended a couple of days ago and while on a roll I also had a cheeky bid on something else last night. That'll be delivered next week and I'll show you what it is then. Mom, if you're reading, that's it. I promise. No more.

Jane was it you who asked about the rotary iron? I recall reading a comment on a previous post late one night so apologies if my brain has not remembered properly. Anyway, yes it is a rotary press and here it is more clearly. It's made by Pfaff and I have to say, although expensive, is one of the best things I've ever bought. It's 80cm wide and has temperature and steam settings. It does fold down a bit but to be honest because I use it so much it always stays up. You operate it by pressing that foot peddle at the bottom which brings down the roller onto the hot plate. It almost makes ironing bearable!

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  1. Aren't you the lucky one!! Those wooden cabinets are hard to find. Enjoy your new finds and I'll be watch for that last (or is it) eBay item (smile)

  2. I love those shallow wide drawers. Plan chests hard to find here in NZ, but I had a kitchen studio make me one to my specs, and it works like a dream with those push-with-one-finger rollers. It wasn't that expensive, though obviously not such a bargain as you got!

  3. i have always wanted one of these chests, but of course anything out of the ordinary is very hard to gt these days. lucky you!

  4. What a great find, they look really useful!

  5. I've already expressed both my admiration (and my envy) about your chests, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have coming in that I can" ooh and ah" over. :D

    Not that iron though! I've seen those irons before (they're sold by the same fellow from whom I've bought my last two sewing machines) but they scare me! Remind me too much of those old wringer washers which I had a creeping horror of as a little girl, and then I read a story by Stephen King in which one was featured. Now I give anything with that kind of roller a wide berth. ;)

  6. I love your new drawers! :) I have avoided ebay for the very reason you have said. So tempting! I am with you on the green legs. Here (USA) it is called "institutional green". There is a grey, too. All public buildings were painted that color inside when I was in school in the 50's & 60's. Still makes me queasy to think of that color and wonder if I will get called on to answer a question. Looking forward to seeing your next treat. The iron press takes me back to helping my Gram. She had one in the wash shed (and there was a wringer washer, too). Once could write good horror stories on that shed. Happy New Year!


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