I'll be Waiting

I've been playing around with adding a watermark to the images I put on the internet. Hopefully it'll help anyone who stumbles on an image in the future to find their way back to me. While testing ideas out it occurred to me that I might not have posted a proper photo of this quilt on the blog before:

It had it's first and only outing so far at Festival of Quilts last summer as part of the Through Our Hands exhibition. If you've got a long memory you might vaguely remember that I posted a self-portrait pencil drawing a while ago. Well this is how it ended up after being scanned and used in a digital collage along with photos of hedges, and other drawn bits and pieces.

'I'll be Waiting', digital print wholecloth quilt.

It can be an exciting challenge to decide how to quilt a large digital print like this. I took lots of photos of work in progress so I'll dig them out and post them next time.

Bye for now,


  1. Lovely images, and what a good idea, putting a watermark on. Would you mind explaining how you superimpose the watermark? If it's not too difficult....
    A slightly different issue - I clicked on the 'Through our Hands' logo the other day, and loved the website. However, one slight problem is that I'm finding the quite pale grey text rather hard to read. I'm a fifty-something with only averagely dodgy eyesight, so it may be an issue for others - any chance of going up the greyscale a bit?


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