Compare and contrast

I've been experimenting with drawing - charcoal and digital. The one above is the traditional charcoal on paper. The one below a digital drawing on iPad. I think it's easy to tell which is which but it's interesting to compare. Both took about 10 minutes but I'm still getting to grips with the iPad app so it's not quite as intuitive yet as having a stick of burnt wood in your hand. Loads of potential though. I think I have a new addiction.


  1. your digital drawing is wonderful. I have just started drawing with a graphics tablet, as well although I am still doing line drawings, not using brushes as you have. You have inspired me to be a bit more explorative. I got the tablet to try and get myself to do more drawing. I find that there is no blank page problem as I am not wasting paper!

  2. Which app are you using, please Laura?

  3. Laura, great post and loved the instruction on DMTV - so simple and yet so effective. I love to get my hands dirty but am curious about which app you used.


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